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About Us

Larsen Machining is a part of SRU Inc – Semco Motion Products. 

Rick Larsen is the machining sales manager. Rick has over 30 year of CNC machining experience and began at SRU in the early 2000’s performing CNC machining for SRU (Semco) as well as for other companies. Over the years Larsen Mfg increased in size in both number of customers and range of capabilities they can service. These capabilities include CNC machining as well as manual machining, welding, and assembly,

The team work between Semco and Larsen Machining allows us to use Semco’s manufacturing capabilities, machinery, man-power, etc in cooperation with Larsen Machining’s focus on machining your products and this provides flexibly to meet larger production runs.

Many of our regular customers see us as an extension of their business, kind of like we are their machining department. If they need parts made they call or just send and email attachment with their project information.

Our approach is to provide fast and affordable service. Because of our location in Utah and our company size we can often provide our services at a more competitive cost. 

Please email or call and we will be happy to get to know you and help you with your project.